Sunday, June 27, 2010

Elder Perry Awesomeness

Sunday was pretty awesome. This past week a few times we had choir practice for district conference. It was extra special, because elder Perry came. He gave a good talk about what a young persons 4 cornerstones should be:

1. Jesus Christ

2. Testimony of JS and restoration

3. BOM

4. Testimony of living prophets and following their counsel.

It was great, and he also gave a challenge to draw up a plan for reading the book of Mormon over the summer. So there is a goal for me for this summer. Reading the book of Mormon before school starts. That means I have to read at least 3 chapters a day in order to get there. Good luck to me. I think that’s do-able, because I can read 3 chapters in the hour it takes me to get from home to school on the metro. Sweet. I also need to make some language goals, a language study plan or something. I am not using it constantly like a missionary would be, and I am less entitled to the gift of tongues this time around. Joj. Russian is hard. That is all. I need to be memorizing X words a day, reading out loud, and SYLing as much as possible. Chris came home with me after conference (it was at a hotel at ВДНХ so it was just 3 stops from me.) Нина had a guest over, and we had a good gospel discussion with him.

The group has also already formed its own little cliques. Chris, Cam, and myself generally are found together when not at work or school. There some good eggs, those two. We have a lot of fun.

Tonight Elder Perry had a great fireside. The main thing I got out of it was learning to make the best out of any situation in which you find yourself. I think that is very applicable right now, being in the position I am. He talked about Joseph (the Egypt one) and how he made the best out of bad situations. He was sold into slavery, but he made himself the most presentable slave he could. He was sold into the Captain guy’s house and decided to be the best servant he could. He got thrown in jail and decided to be the best prisoner he could, and was eventually made the pharaoh’s servant, became the best servant in the pharaoh’s house and eventually became his right-hand man. He gave us one main challenge: to live with more enthusiasm and spirit. He talked about how those things are a conscious choice. I remember talking to my mission president when I was a young missionary and telling him how in high school I decided to get up in the morning and decide to have a good day. I forget to do that at times, and the last little while I have forgotten more than usual. That talk was just what I needed as a reminder. Thanks, Tom.

I’m still trying to figure out how to load pictures on here, since every time I try it tells me I have an error or something. Boo. For now, check out the Russia album on facebook. That’s all for now.

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