Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 1

Wednesday, April 28 2010:

I woke up on the day of my departure and started packing. Yes, I said starting. I know, I know... I procrastinate. So sue me (but not really). Anyway, I go through all of my stuff and decide what I can't live without, and pack it all away. After I was almost done, I decided it would probably be smart to see how much this behemoth of a bag weighed. After weighing it (which was in and of itself quite the task) I discovered I had 80 lbs of stuff and suitcase I couldn't live without. Unfortunately, most airlines force you to live with 50 lbs. Hm . . . that's a problem. So I throw out some stuff, zip bertha back up, and try again. 72 lbs. Crap. After a few more tries, I get her down to a slim 50 lbs.

Adventure, part one: packing - check

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